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Mission Statement:

Fort Knox Storage's mission is to provide you self-storage solutions that are convenient and cost-effective. We are committed to ensuring the protection of your home and business valuables. With state of the art security systems and highly trained professional staff, you can be assured of receiving superior customer service.

Customer Relations Philosophy:

You are our most precious asset. Your satisfaction will assure us of continued success. If you are 100% satisfied with our facilities and our service, you will be a customer for life. Additionally, you will tell your friends, family members and work colleagues about the quality of your experience. In turn, they will benefit from the same quality and satisfaction, becoming customers for life and referring their friends and family. Customer service is the key to our success.

Vision Statement:

Fort Knox Self Storage will be the premier self-storage company in the Tri-State. Our signature accomplishment will be creating an environment where our Associates grow and develop, while delivering superior self-storage solutions for you and the communities that we serve.

The Dynamic Duo: Colleen and Brian

Colleen Hodgins: Operations Manager

After my 25 year career as a national supervisor for a major photography company I decided it was time for a change. I had moved to Milford a few years ago from NYC. As a mother to 5 children- and a gorgeous granddaughter this was the best choice for all of us! Life to me means friends and family who you can trust and who trusts you. I am pretty much on the happy side of life. I have quite a few new friends here who always motivate me in such a positive way. My work has beautifully become my life. My coworkers are friends, our mission is to support our communities and our volunteer work always turns into great fun filled times. I have now joined the DV Warrior Booster club and quickly meeting dedicated parents, coaches, teachers, students and fans. GO Warriors!

As a motivational speaker and lead liaison between major corporations, I have come to value the power of personal communication! I also taught Irish Dancing for many years. Roller skated since I was 8 and continue to do so. I was in many commercials, videos and even on MTV Music Awards once with Micheal Jackson! (as he was walking up to get an award, they were playing his music with me skating to it in a huge video on the stage- he pointed to it, giggled & gave a thumbs up!- my little moment of fame!) Roller Skating is where I met Brian. Since then the two of us have worked together & skate together. We make a great team. What do we actually do? Well the list can go on & on.. but a short breakdown would be:

1. Daily surveillance of property to ensure protection of customers’ stored possessions, as well as company property and buildings.
2. Keep property clean and in good repair at all times.
3. Supervise all staff, such as relief managers or any other designated personnel.
4. Attend local & national conventions to provide updates on policy or law changes.

While both members of the self storage management couple needs to be familiar with the entire scope of operations, typically Colleen would focus on the sales/marketing/customer service aspects, while the other member would focus more on the property maintenance/security/cleaning aspects.

Brian & I oversee all the storage facilities, real estate properties, car wash, truck rentals and security. Since we are Fort Knox; we do focus quite a bit on security. We are happy to report that even the local police station stated we have the best security system in the tri-state area.

Brian Langseder: Property Manager

Brian grew up in Bogota, NJ. Every summer his family would head to Yankee Lake in Wurtsboro. It was Brians' dream to never have to return to NJ. As a union mason, Brian took part in building the new MetLife stadium along with police stations, schools, Tiffany & Co and more. This is where Brian learned quite a bit about integrating security that is visual to the eye & cameras that are not. Soon after we met; Brian came to work in the photography company with me. We traveled quite a bit across this country setting up the latest and greatest in technology. Brian loved learning the technology of the cameras. When I was ready to retire from the jet setting lifestyle- I met West Solloway. He hired Brian & I as a team. Something I am sure he has been happy about & upset about many times! LOL! West has placed his trust in us to watch out for his entire portfolio as if it was our own. We strive to do that each & every day. Brian had his dream come true; he could live in Yankee Lake and work locally. I was able to put my children in bed every night & not be in another state. We both owe quite a bit to West & Beth Solloway who have always gone out of their way to give us the tools we need to offer the best product, lowest prices & excellent customer service.

When Brian is not on one of our properties he is caring for his two great kitties; Sweeps & Mimi. Brian enjoys fishing, OC Speedway, Jazz Music, Roller Skating & building stuff. Brian truly is the expert handyman.

If you ever have any issue within our company: feel free to call or email me: